Collect your own Pixy Dinos!



Introducing Pixy Dinos, a captivating collection of fun and cute pixel dinosaurs that have found their digital habitat on the Solana blockchain. These charming creatures, crafted with love in the art of pixels, represent a playful convergence of retro style and modern technology. Each Pixy Dino is a unique digital being with its own character, bringing a dash of prehistoric delight to the world of digital collectibles. As they meander through the Solana ecosystem, they offer a refreshing take on blockchain engagement—simple, endearing, and accessible to all.


NFTs coming soon!


Road Map

Phase 1

✅ Create website and socials

🕒 Reach Raydium

Phase 2

🕒 Update DexScreener!

🕒 NFT Collection at 250k market cap

🕒 Start building card game at 500k market cap